Algeria switch off their internet as high school students write exams

credit: Middle East Monitor

Algeria turned off its internet nationwide during high school exams in a bid to tackle cheating. Internet service, both mobile and fixed line, went off for an hour after the start of each high school diploma exam to stop any leaks.

The blackouts will continue throughout the exam season, from 20-25 June. The move follows widespread cheating in 2016, with questions leaked online before and during tests.

This is the singular reason the authorities asked internet service providers to stop social media access last year, but the voluntary measures were not enough.

Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit told Algerian newspaper Annahar that Facebook would be blocked across the country throughout the entire period.

Ms Benghabrit said while they are “not comfortable” with the decision, “we should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak”.

Additionally, all electronic devices with internet access for both students and school staff  have been banned from the country’s 2,000 exam halls, with metal detectors set up at their entrances.

Ms Benghrabit also said surveillance cameras and mobile phone jammers had been installed at exam printing presses.

Just over 700,000 students will sit the high school certificate examinations over the next week, with results expected from 22 July.

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