A nurse in Wuhan marries her fiancée via Video Chat

A nurse in Wuhan wearing a wedding dress and veil made from a hazmat suit married her fiance in a video chat ceremony as she fights the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak at its epicenter.

A video posted by China Global Television Network shows the nurse, Tang Xingxing, in her hazmat-suit dress and carrying a bouquet of rubber gloves. Tang walked down the makeshift aisle in the Wuhan hospital to her husband, who attended the ceremony on Thursday local time via video chat.

“I will be back soon and marry you,” the nurse said, according to the video translation.

She walked arm-in-arm with another medical worker, who served as her “stand-in” groom and read his vows back to the nurse.

“I will take care of you, love you, and respect you forever,” the acting groom read, according to the translation. “If you are the angel that saves people, then I will be the feathers in your wings to support you and be with you.”

Tang said her colleagues organized the ceremony as a surprise to ease the increasing pressure medical workers feel to “defeat” the virus.

“We are all under high pressure and expecting to go home,” Tang said in the video.”With all efforts, I hope we can defeat COVID-19.”

Medical workers in Wuhan continue to make sacrifices as they fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus at the epicenter, from working exhausting shifts with very few supplies, and often getting infected themselves . The Chinese government said this week that roughly 1,700 medical workers had been infected and six had died .

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