A meditation device that calms anxiety and helps one sleep.

There’s one device that has truly changed many peoples lives, and the company recently released a newer version with more features.

It’s called Muse. It’s a meditation sensing device. Muse uses audio feedback to guide you into a super calm, focused state. As you quiet your mind, the feedback wind/weather sounds grows quieter until you hear birds chirp.

The updated device, Muse 2, has added a bunch of new forms of meditation: body movement, heart rate sensing, breath sensing. Each one is better than the last.

This device and its accompanying app helps one how to become truly calm on command, teaching one to go from anxious to settled, still, calm, focused, relaxed and then to sleepy often in less than 10 minutes and sometimes in less than 5.

One not only sleep better, but sleep better when traveling or in noisy conditions. It can also calm one  if he or she feel panicky which happens when one is stressed or overtired.

Muse gives you realtime feedback that teaches you to actually meditate, as opposed to trying to relax with your mind running in the background.

You can choose from beach, rainforest, desert or city noises, whatever calms you. The feedback sounds like wind/weather.

When your mind gets more active, the wind gets louder, nudging you relax your body and clear your mind and focus on your breath.

When your mind is truly quiet, you hear birds. There’s a game element, too. You are awarded points for your meditation achievements.

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