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A hidden trick for turning your iPhone and AirPods into a spy microphone.



There are a lot of cool, hidden features buried inside your iPhone’s settings menu. A recently introduced feature for iPhones and AirPods called “Live Listen” is going viral.

It enables a person to use an iPhone’s microphone to listen in to conversations wirelessly through AirPods.

Some people are creeped out by the feature, suggesting it could be used to spy, but itwas originally intended to help people with hearing aids or hearing loss to clearly hear conversations in crowded environments.

Even the person who made the viral tweet suggests it could be used as a way to cheat on a test. One person suggested that abusing the feature could be illegal in some states.

The “Live Listen” feature was introduced in an iPhone software update in September for Apple’s AirPods. It was previously available for a few models of Apple-certified hearing aids.

Here’s how it works. You turn it on, and then you point your iPhone’s microphone at the person you want to hear speaking. Then, you can hear what they have to say through your hearing aid or AirPods, carried over the air through Bluetooth.

Credit; Source: Business Insider USA

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