A Chinese TV maker spies on consumers


A Chinese TV manufacturer was caught spying on consumers, according to China-based reports.

Skyworth, a Chinese TV vendor, collected private data and sent it to a data analytics firm without the TV owner’s consent, according to a report in the South China Morning Post.

The data collection was exposed on an online forum for tech enthusiasts, who noticed that their TVs had become “slow” and less responsive.

Network traffic analysis revealed that data was collected about gadgets on the user’s wireless network, who was using the Wi-Fi, the names of nearby Wi-Fi networks, and IP addresses then sent to a server run by Beijing-based Gozen Data.

“Recently, there have been online conversations concerning the illegal acquisition of Skyworth TV user data by an application named Gozen Service,” Skyworth said in a statement, adding that it “immediately disabled the application” and terminated its partnership with Gozen.

In response to the news, Gozen said in a post that it collected data for viewership research that includes “television ratings for households and individuals, viewership analysis, advertising analysis and optimization,” according to the South China Morning Post.

The Chinese government has recently introduced new regulations to protect personal data and curb data collection via mobile apps, according to the Post.

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